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Savcor Asset Life provides effective and  long lasting  corrosion prevention for steel and concrete structures and process vessels.  Structural Health Monitoring is essential in large critical constructions such as bridges, high-rise buildings and complex architectural showcase projects.

Our complete system delivery guarantees full service support throughout the operating life of the system. This includes system design and hardware supply according to client’s specifications, complete installation of the system, commissioning, customer training and support, system maintenance and product support as well as data analysis support.

Savcor delivers solutions to asset life extension. We use the highest quality and reliable materials and well-proven technology that are thoroughly tested for compatibility with our systems.


Cathodic protection of concrete bridges

Savcor has over 30 years experience of a successful asset maintenance. Our reference list covers hundreds of applications in both cathodic and anodic protection. Cathodic protection can be used to prevent corrosion of steel in marine, soil, concrete and various process environments. Anodic protection is applied in pulp industry and vessels operating with sulphuric and phosphoric acid.


Electrochemical corrosion prevention in practice

A thorough understanding of material technology and electrochemistry together with latest IT-applications creates a solid basis for expert asset management. A long experience in dealing with different corrosion environments has developed us an excellent know-how which benefits our clients. 



Trusted Partner

Asset management service by continuous maintenance agreements

Our clientele includes large pulp and paper companies, oil companies, nuclear power plants, governmental road and railway authorities and multi-national chemical companies. We have maintenance agreements spanning over 20 years. Safety, quality and reliability play a key role in earning the trusted partner status with the most demanding customers.


Savcor has been a long time partner with several pulp and paper mills since the 1980s.  Confidential cooperation with our  customers has given rise to new products and new knowledge on processes and maintenance of equipment.

Anodic protection of pulp digester
Based on the 30-year theoretical and empirical experience, Savcor anodic protection system provides comprehensive corrosion protection solutions especially for pulp industry. Anodic protection can increase the production volume by avoiding corrosion-related digester downtime. Process equipment such as sulphuric acid storage tanks benefit from anodic protection which prevents iron dissolution contaminating the acid. The key in successful anodic protection is to accurately measure and control the vessel potential; both tasks expertly conducted by Savcor control system.

Savcor Anodic Protection System – Soporcel Portugal

Sonica is an on-line air content analyser designed to measure and monitor air in paper machine stock. Sonica’s capability to operate seamlessly as a part of the process without interfering it differentiates it from the competing solutions.

Sonica collects the data accurately and it does not include any moving mechanical parts, making it highly reliable. The analyser provides higher profile control and decreased overall consumption of defoamer chemicals. The operational costs of Sonica are low and due to its ability to live as a part of the paper making process, the machine speed can be further increased.

Sonica air content analyzer


Savcor provides electrochemical corrosion prevention systems for wide variety of applications in process and power industry. These include cathodic prevention for pipelines, cooling water intakes, tanks and reactors. Anodic protection can be utilized in sulphuric acid tanks and heat exchangers. The advanced system and our know-how of different types of electrodes ensures the maximum protection also in the extreme industrial process conditions.

Cathodic prevention for chemical process vessels

Savcor cathodic protection has been successfully applied to concrete cooling water tunnels with all the bar screens, rotating screens and immersed metallic structures included, intake piping and heat exchangers and even some pump propeller housings. When operating with sea water system, coating is not enough for corrosion control. Using stainless steels can promote corrosion of adjacent mild steel structures. All these issues can be handled by correctly designed cathodic protection system.

Savcor cathodic protection has saved many stainless steel chemical tanks when the change in process conditions has initiated pitting corrosion. The advanced control system and our know-how of different types of electrodes ensures the maximum protection also in the extreme industrial process conditions. Underground oil, gas and water lines as well as large storage tank bottoms have benefited from Savcor cathodic protection that stops the corrosion at coating defects.

Savcor anodic protection works well in sulphuric acid environment. We have tank protection systems that have performed flawlessly over 20 years. Even very high-purity acid requirement can be met with carbon steel tank equipped with anodic protection which prevents iron dissolution contaminating the acid. The key in successful anodic protection is to accurately measure and control the vessel potential; both tasks expertly conducted by Savcor control system.


Savcor cathodic protection system provides an effective and long-lasting corrosion prevention for steel in sea water, reinforcement steel in concrete and buried steel structures. Savcor cathodic prevention can extend the service life of essential infrastructure assets by decades and can save significant money on the repairs. Our long experience in dealing with large construction companies and governmental clients makes us a preferred partner for large infrastructure projects. Our understanding of various standards and requirements ensures the outcome will be nothing less than a mutually beneficial remediation project.


Cathodic protection for reinforcement steel in concrete
Savcor cathodic protection has been successfully applied to wharfs with steel or concrete piles and concrete decks as well as to concrete bridge soffits, columns and pile caps. Structures closest to the sea level and especially at tidal zone are the most susceptible for chloride corrosion and each elevation requires different protection. After years of experience in coast lines around the world we can provide for exactly right protection in each application. Our components are well-proven, rugged and easy to install. This all benefits the client in minimized total costs.

Cathodic Protection of the Oslo Harbor

Cathodic Protection of Kårsto Wharf

As a rule, most buried pipelines are coated and will not corrode if the coating is of high quality and not damaged. However during installation some damage will always occur and also land movement can induce coating faults. Savcor cathodic protection can stop the corrosion at coating defects and prevent costly leakage repairs. Pipelines in urban areas can suffer from stray current effects from auxiliary current sources. These will also be prevented by a correctly designed cathodic protection system.

Structural Health Monitoring – SHM

Structural Health Monitoring for cable-stay bridges

Structural health monitoring (SHM) is essential in large critical constructions such as bridges, high-rise buildings and complex architectural showcase projects. It provides tools for recognizing the effect of natural disasters and unexpected surprises and thus is able to alert the operator about rapid changes in the condition. Analysis of long-term data with undisrupted timeline allows timely scheduling of asset maintenance operations.

Continuous measurements are available from e.g. wind speed and direction, temperature, acceleration, tilt, strain, displacement and corrosion. The system can be complemented by a video image that can be linked to any event in the timeline. 

Savcor Futurtec Brochure

Savcor Futurtec OHM Mobile


Cable-stay bridge is a typical example of light-weight large structure susceptible to weather conditions. Accurate monitoring of the structure behavior e.g. in extreme wind conditions is important for the safety of the users. In some market areas, employing a SHM system to a new-built cable-stay bridge is obligatory. For all kinds of bridges, SHM gives valuable information of load bearing capacity and aging of the structure.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of Golden Horn Bridge

High-rise buildings, architecturally advanced structures and critical landmark buildings are excellent candidates for permanent structural health monitoring; the asset owner requires information of the structural stability and architects want to verify the actual performance of a new and exotic design. For example, the New Mariinski Theater in St Petersburg is built on piles sunk deep in very soft marshland. To detect any possible movement of the building it has been equipped with over 300 sensors measuring strain and displacement.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of the New Mariinsky Building, St Petersburg

Structural health monitoring is not restricted to infrastructure alone. Large industrial assets such as recovery boilers, pulp digesters, paper machines, distillation columns, large storage tanks etc. can be monitored regarding vibration, inclination, strain, pressure and temperature distribution. The list of applications is endless. If the consequences of the structure failure are very severe, monitoring of various physical  variables is an affordable and feasible method of integrity assurance.

Savcor Futurtec SHM service concept provides a platform wherein all kinds of monitoring data is managed conveniently in one user interface. Terabytes of data from different sensors can be stored, sorted and analyzed easily on our web-based information platform. Number of structures included in the Futurtec platform is practically unlimited.

Futurtec concept can be based on monitoring information from Savcor systems, both permanently installed or temporary, periodical test measurements. The concept consists of strategically placed sensors, synchronized data acquisition system and an accurate information producing software. With reliable monitoring information, the real need for structural maintenance and repair can be verified. It enables predictive maintenance, and helps planning maintenance operations in advance.

Our service concept does not exclude any type of information or information provider, facilitating future IoT requirements. All monitoring data is collected and saved all the time without interruptions or triggering. Futurtec service concept features both automated and user-tailored reports and alerts of any anomalies (exceeding alarm limits, breakdowns etc. ). Information about  the monitoring system itself, its functionality, reliability and operation will also be provided. Monitoring data is available for export to other systems and third party analysis/reporting

All data is stored in Savcor Futurtec data server. The client owns the data and can have unlimited access to it during the agreement period. Savcor provides for platform maintenance, takes care of server security updates and system configuration updates remotely.

 In brief, Savcor Futurtec SHM service concept means asset data management in very easy way and results in life cycle cost reduction through planned maintenance for assets.

Smart Bridge Monitoring concept

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of Syrjäsalmi railway bridge

Savcor Futurtec service concept


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